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Microsoft Excel which is developed by Microsoft for both Mac OS, Android, and iOS, features graphing tools, pivot tables, calculation and macro programming language. MS excel became widely popular especially when its 5th version came out in 1993. It stores information in columns and rows and it has up to 256 columns and 65,536 rows per worksheet. Just like any other Microsoft product, Microsoft Excel is also a part of Microsoft suite and is compatible with any other application.

Excel allows the user to align the data in such a way that he can view its features from different perspectives any time. It allows the user to add spreadsheets as per the requirement. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and various mathematical functions are offered in Excel. More features such as tables, charts, clip art and more are also included.

Following are few of the features offered by MS Excel:


  • Clipart – Images, audio, and videos can be added.
  • Page layout – Many options for page layout enhancement such as themes, colors, sheets, margins, background, grids, headings and more are available.
  • Tables – Different tables for different purposes can be made.
  • Functions – Both mathematical and logical functions are available
  • Images and background – Different images and background can be added to a different sheet.

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