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Graphical User Interface or GUI is the soul of any electronic device. GUI is what makes running electronics possible. Without a GUI it is hard to interact with functions of a computer. The only option left becomes giving a command in text format.

Microsoft Windows is also a Graphical User Interface developed and produced by Microsoft Corporation. It introduced it in 1985 and since then it is widely popular. It makes the computer system user-friendly as it provides graphical display and organizes information which is easily accessible. Utilization of icons and tools simplify the operations of the computer system. According to estimates, 90% of the computer systems use Microsoft Windows.

List of Windows issued by Microsoft throughout the years:


  • 1985: Windows 1.0
  • 1987: Windows 2.0-2.11
  • 1990: Windows 3.0
  • 1993: Windows NT
  • 1995: Windows 95
  • 1998: Windows 98
  • 2000: Windows ME
  • 2001: Windows XP
  • 2006: Windows Vista
  • 2009: Windows 7
  • 2012: Windows 8
  • 2015: Windows 10

Graphical User Interface is a complicated aspect of any electronics. Getting involved in them can be a challenging task. Since GUI is responsible for the working of the computer, an expert should deal with it. An expert will make sure that whatever issue is there, it is treated with care and solved without destroying anything else.

Following are few of the Frequently Asked Questions related to Microsoft Windows:


  • Create installation media for Windows
  • Find your Windows product key
  • Find your PC’s IP address
  • Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware
  • Getting the best display on your monitor
  • Tips to free up drive space on your PC
  • Ways to improve your computer’s performance
  • Backup and restore your PC
  • Recover lost or deleted files
  • Protect my PC from viruses

Our team consists of professionals who are experts and well trained in dealing with issues in Microsoft Windows. We provide top-notch Microsoft Windows Support services. Our experts are available 24/7 to help the customers through various platforms to engage; chat, call and e-mail being the most preferred network. We aim at delivering best possible services and 100% customer satisfaction.


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